Car Detailing Bolton

Detailing Workshop

Diamond Details Manchester are proud to offer clients from Bolton unrivalled car detailing services. Our bespoke and brand-new detailing workshop is located in a convenient central Manchester location.

This means Boltonians can now access expert car detailing services, a mere half-hour drive down the M61 and M602.

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Extend our quality service

After launching earlier this year, Diamond Details have expanded rapidly and now aim to extend our quality service to clients across the whole of Greater Manchester.

With a special affinity to the home of Bolton Wanderers and boxing champion Amir Khan, Diamond Details hope to make a name in the Metropolitan Borough.

Meticulous Process

Our services include a range of maintenance detail options, comprehensive detail packages, paint correction and ceramic coating. Our expert technicians, who boast experience and qualifications in equal measure, also specialise in swirl removal and scratch removal.

As car enthusiasts, whose pride is in the meticulous nature of their work, we feel our service reverberates strongly with the industrious values of Bolton’s past and present.

Industry-leading Products

Thus, we aim to expand our service beyond Manchester and across what was historically a part of Lancashire. For more information on the options and packages we offer, please feel free to contact Diamond Details today.

  • Car Wrap

Protect paintwork

Ceramic coating is the application of a liquid polymer which chemically binds to a vehicle’s factory paint. This clear coat adds an extra layer of protection on to the vehicle’s paintwork. Ceramic coating helps protect paintwork from UV damage, oxidisation, chemical stains, etching, scratches and scuffs.

Seven year protection

The ceramic coating applied by Diamond Details offers protection for up to seven years, ensuring a lasting enhanced gloss finish. Furthermore, the protective layer that the process offers is mud repellent, scratch and scuff resistant and hydrophobic.

This means contaminants have a harder time bonding to the paintwork, which enables ease and thoroughness of future washes.