Ceramic Coating

Accredited Zirconite UK Ceramic Coating Services

Diamond Details uses industry-leading ceramic coating products to guarantee the best results for our clients. So, to ensure premium quality ceramic coating for paintwork protection, we only use Zirconite UK products.

Zirconite UK produces the highest quality automotive paint protection products in the British market, including the ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating. This ceramic coating product provides a range of protective qualities for your vehicle’s paintwork, including chemical, corrosion, and UV resistance.

We are the only accredited Zirconite UK detailer based in the Manchester area! Make sure to visit us today if you want to take advantage of these incredible paintwork protection products for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Stages

A ceramic spray is a quick and effective treatment for protecting paintwork. The process involves applying a thin layer of chemical polymer solution across the vehicle body to protect it from common issues like UV rays and water spots.

Furthermore, the protective layer also acts as a light barrier against impact damage, minimising damage from loose debris on the road.

The ceramic spray treatment lasts approximately 3-6 months, keeping paintwork fresh and damage-free for a low-cost price.

A stage one ceramic coating offers more advanced protection, lasting up to one year after application.

Using the latest ceramic coating products, this treatment provides increased hydrophobic and impact resistance, ensuring lasting protection for paintwork. By applying a thin layer of coating that causes water to bead and road from the vehicle, paintwork is further protected against minor impacts.

A stage two ceramic coating provides 5 years of paintwork protection, including a 5-year guarantee.

We use an advanced wax solution to provide additional paintwork protecting, including damage from UV rays, weather erosion, dirt, scratches, and much more. If you’re seeking lasting paintwork for a great price, consider or stage two ceramic coating.

Stage three ceramic coating provides unrivalled paintwork protection, with treatment lasting 10 years and coming with a 10-year guarantee.

Using an industry-leading ceramic coating from ZirconiteUK, our stage three coating offers the best protection against the UK climate. The coating protects paintwork from major issues like scratches, UV damage, and weather erosion, along with major contaminants like dirt, grime, droppings, tree sap.