Training Course

Do you want to know how to detail your car like a professional?

Our detailing training courses are perfect for car enthusiasts that love to keep their vehicle in the best condition possible.

Available at our detailing training facility in Manchester, we provide an extensive training course that covers all the fundamentals of professional car detailing.

Suitable for all experience levels, our training course includes the same methods we use at our own detailing facility.

detail your car like a pro!

We’ll explain the various processes we use to professional clean and maintain vehicles, including the best cleaning techniques and equipment, and how to apply your own ceramic coating.

Whether you’re looking to enter the detailing industry yourself or just want to keep your car in the best condition, our training course is an amazing investment for any car enthusiast.

All training courses are completed over the course of a day/ few days, after which you’ll be able to detail your car like a pro!