Apr 17

Diamond Details Manchester is Hiring Soon!

What do we do?

Diamond Details Manchester are the city’s newest car detailing company, and we will soon be hiring! As a specialist car detailer, we boast expertise in:

  • Swirl removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Paint correction
  • Car interior cleaning
  • Ceramic coating

With years of experience, and as masters of our craft, our pride is in the finish of our customers’ vehicles. After being established towards the end of last year, we have experienced rapid growth. And now, this is why we need you! If you are interested in pursuing car detailing as a career, contact Diamond Details today!

What do we expect from you?

Do you have a passion for cars? Do you enjoy hands on work, with new challenges every day? Are you meticulous, methodical and someone who takes pride in their work? Are you looking for a career path, but are unsure where to start? If so, Diamond Details Manchester may just be the place for you.

What can you expect from us?

We are currently seeking new recruits to join our team as part of the first phase of our expansion. The ideal candidates will be introduced to the fundamentals of car detailing. As your journey progresses, your skills will develop and, under our tutelage, you will have the opportunity to become a car detailing expert. Eventually, you will be offered clear career progression paths, including supervisory and managerial roles.

Career Progression

Despite being in its nascency, Diamond Details is expanding rapidly. As our business grows, we will be adding even more car detailing related services. After mastering the fundamentals, successful candidates will be offered opportunities to develop a broad range of specialisms. As an expert car detailer, you can choose to specialise in body work detailing, interior detailing, vehicle protection detailing and more.

Contact Us

At Diamond Details Manchester, with a second detailing workshop already in the pipeline, the future is bright. Please contact us today for further information.

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