Nov 24

Diamond Details Manchester: The New Kid on the Block

The finish from car detailing can be likened to the clarity of a diamond. At Diamond Details Manchester, we offer three levels of vehicle detailing: SI (75%), VVS (85%) and Flawless (95%).

After discovering the world of professional car detailing, following a lack-lustre wash of my brand-new Range Rover Sport, I found myself quickly immersed. Since embarking on my journey four years ago, I quickly decided to follow my passion. I’ve always had an appreciation for cars, but the world of detailing really harnessed my keen eye for perfection. Inspired by the clarity of diamonds, their beauty and how their value is in the finish, I established Diamond Details with a view to leaving my customers wowed. That’s why, at Diamond Details, we take pride in how your car looks!

In my quest to become a car detailing expert, I have undertaken countless hours of training and practice. From practicing my craft over and over again, on my own cars, those belonging to friends and family and even bits of scrap metal, I harnessed an abundance of skills. Driven by a passion for the finish, combined with a wealth of experience and a will to continuously excel, Diamond Details seeks to make novel in-roads into the car detailing industry which remains led by somewhat of a close cabal. As the world struggles to get to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, behind closed doors, we continue to hone our craft.

At Diamond Details Manchester, we offer a broad range of services, which extend beyond car detailing. For example, we also offer four levels of washes: The Diamond Wash, The Premium Wash, The Supreme Wash and the Pristine Wash. By implementing professional detailing techniques to a normal car wash, even a basic wash from Diamond Details will proactively mitigate swirls and holograms, leaving your vehicle with a resplendent shine.

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