Dec 13

Supreme and Pristine Maintenance Detail Packages

As part of the higher-end of our maintenance detail packages, we present The Supreme Detail and the Pristine Detail. Both these packages utilise specialist, tried, tested and high-quality detailing products and techniques.

Three-Stage Touchless Clean

All of our maintenance detail packages begin with a three-stage touchless clean which utilises products such as Auto Finesse Pre Wash and Gtechniq W6 Iron and General Fallout. Depending on the existing state of your vehicle’s bodywork, these products are followed by an application of either Chemical Guys’ Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash, Bild Hamper or Magnafoam, using a snow foam cannon.

Three-Bucket System

After the completion of the three-stage touchless clean, we use hand mitts, detailing brushes and wheel brushes together with a three-bucket system. While two buckets are used for bodywork, a separate bucket is dedicated for wheels only.

Windows and Interior

As part of all our maintenance detailing packages, we use Meguiars Window Cleaner to leave windows sparkling. We also hoover your vehicle interior in stages, from seats to floor, using Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner.

The Supreme Detail

The Supreme Detail offers your vehicle enhanced protection with the application of Meguiars Ultimate Polish Level 4 for light colour cars and Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Polish for darker cars.

The Pristine Detail

In addition to The Supreme Detail’s added polish protection, The Pristine Detail offers even greater protection with the application of one layer of Meguairs Ultimate Liquid Wax.

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