Nov 24

The Glint in the Diamond: The Inspiration behind Diamond Details Manchester

As the man behind Diamond Details Manchester, Saad Sheiakh’s journey into professional car detailing started around four years ago.

After purchasing a Range Rover Sport Autobiography, I was proud as punch with my new purchase. It was a dream car, which radiated classiness that I had always admired. After a lack-lustre wash, from a local garage, I was horrified when I took my new Range Rover back home. With my keen eye for details, at first, I noticed what appeared to be scratches, all over the vehicle’s paintwork. Against the backdrop of the black paintwork, these apparent scratches stood out like a sore thumb. Upon closer inspection, and some hurried research, I discovered they were, in fact, swirls and holograms.

With my pride and joy tainted by countless swirls and holograms, I felt forced to take action. I wouldn’t say I’m a vain person, but I was left frustrated and annoyed by the effect of the lack-lustre wash on my car. In fact, as a car enthusiast, I felt the wash stripped my Range Rover of part of its beauty. In my urgency to find a solution, I took my first steps in the world of professional car detailing. After extensive research, contacting numerous local vehicle detailers and harvesting information wherever I could find it, I realised this would be no mean feat.

Slims Detailing, based in Coventry, offer a course which provides extensive training in all aspects of car detailing. This course proved pivotal, as it equipped me to embark on my own professional car detailing journey. Another well-established detailer, the U.S.-based Ammo NYC also served as an inspiration and a wealth of information. Topaz Detailing, based in London, Bristol and Geneva, Switzerland, served as another major influence and inspiration.

Diamond Details aims to bring professional car detailing to Manchester like never before.

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